The Coach Approach Series

The Language of the Coach Approach: 3 Crucial Elements of Coaching Style for Top-Notch Indoor Cycling Instructors

Cori Parks will be contributing a series of articles on the Coach Approach as a part of her upcoming e-book on how to become a more inspiring indoor cycling coach. We are thrilled to have Cori sharing her knowledge with us! Future articles will be a part of the premium ICA membership. This article highlights what kind of valuable insights you will be gaining.


When you look back at all of the indoor cycling classes you’ve ever taken, is there one instructor who just seemed to reach down to the very core of your existence and get you?

Maybe you walked into a class, wrecked from a stressful workweek, and you walked out afterward surprisingly energized? Maybe you were shocked to see that it was already cool-down time, when it felt like only 10 minutes had passed? Maybe it felt like you would do anything this instructor asked of you, no matter what, just because they had a way of making you strive to succeed more than you ever believed possible?

Indoor cycling coaching skills draw the best from two distinct coaching professions:


  1. I would love to see more of her insights and more articles on The Coaching Approach! Great article.

  2. Building classes around this tips will make more confident spinning enthusiasts

  3. Wow! These tips are wonderful Cori – thank you so much!

  4. That is so true. Wow I can’t believe more isn’t written about this. the problem with Indoor cycling is it gets tagged in the same boat as other group fitness where lots of technique cues are needed..choreography cues, technique, motivation and it is soon blah blah blah! I have made a conscious decision to speak conversationally to my class, I add inflection with my voice when needed and my always full class constantly feedbacks why they like mu class…”you don’t scream at us”. I consider myself a coach to them not an instructor to them. thanks for a great article.

  5. Great tips Cori. Thank you. Nothing better than learning from each other and inspiring another which is what you have provided here.

  6. Fantastic! I’ll use some of this for sure!

    1. Great! I would love to know what you come up with – it is really unlimited, I’m sure, when you factor in your experiences and your rider’s needs.

      1. It is always good to come back to these articles to remind ourselves of these coaching techniques. Thank you.

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