Theme Profile: Back to School for One More Day!

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Billy Coburn is back with an entertaining yet poignant profile to celebrate this time of year when kids go back to school. Even if your riders aren’t parents, they all share one thing in common…they all went to school, and all likely have some fun, crazy, embarrassing, and poignant memories. And so do you!

Billy says this about how he came up with this profile:

I put this ride together one afternoon while perusing through all of the Facebook feeds showing “Julie or Johnny in their first day of school best”— with their placards in hand announcing what grade they were off to tackle. ICA’s Jennifer Sage had already given us an extensive list of theme music related to Back to School, so I decided to poke some fun and give it a shot. The end result was quite surprising and super fun for not only my riders, but for me as well. Plus, it was an intense workout. I was fortunate; it was raining the day I did this ride, which made for additional great school memory sharing.

While the work is real, as well as real hard, there is also time during the recoveries to poke fun at your students and ask them some of the following questions:

  1. Favorite grade you attended?
  2. Best subject? Worst subject?
  3. Would you repeat your childhood school days?
  4. Would you do high school again?
  5. Were you ever known as the teacher’s pet?
  6. Who was the first boy/girl you “went steady” with? Or kissed? Whatever happened to them?
  7. Did you win any awards? Class clown? Most likely to succeed? Best/worst dressed?
  8. Or did you have to wear a uniform?
  9. Have you gone to any 10-year, 20-year, 30-year high school reunions?

But don’t get too involved in the responses…remember, you’ve got (school) work to do! Warning…you may get stuck after class continuing this fun conversation with your riders. It may be that you all decide to meet up for a cup of coffee to continue to reminisce!

NOTE: Billy uses Mixmeister to blend his tracks and often just uses portions of a song (such as the first half or the last half), so this Spotify playlist as posted is not usable for this profile, it’s just a collection of the songs that he used. It’s the brilliant idea behind this profile and interaction that happens in this ride that makes this so much fun and is why I posted it here on ICA. You will need to add your own music, perhaps just using a few of his song suggestions. Make sure to peruse the ICA Back to School bucket playlist for over 150 song ideas. 

Please share in the comments below if you do this ride, or if it inspires you to create a similar profile. Share your playlist, and of course, share the best antics from your school years that you were brave enough to fess up to your own students!


  1. Great Class idea! I used this week and it was a big hit!! Thanks so much!

  2. Great idea, which inspired me to create my own back to school / back to work class. I teach a pre-dawn class and tend to see attendance drop every summer as the teachers don’t need to get up early and of course, kids are out of school so some parents take classes later in the day. One of my regulars commented this ride was a “sweat-fest.” I modified the profile a bit and would be happy to share. My playlist is below. This will definitely become an annual ride, thanks for the inspiration!

    Cool For The Summer (Liam Keegan Clean Remix) 5:08 Demi Lovato
    Last Day of Summer 6:26 Andrew Stets
    This Summer’s Gonna Hurt (Craig Vanity VS Jump Smokers) (Clean)
    SummerThing! (feat. Mike Taylor) 3:55 Afrojack
    Last Day of Summer 3:27 Action Item
    We Come Running 4:06 Youngblood Hawke
    Hot for Teacher 4:40 V an Halen
    Teacher (Dave Aude Club Mix) 5:41 Nick Jonas
    She Works Hard For The Money 4:28 Donna Summer
    Working Day & Night (Regrooved by Funk Burners) 5:36 Michael Jackson
    Working for the Weekend 3:42 Loverboy
    No Stress 3:23 Laurent Wolf
    Hold My Hand (The Scene Kings Remix) 5:09 Jess Glynne
    Endless Summer Nights 4:31 Richard Marx

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