Theme Ride Thursday: Cats and Dogs

There’s a huge debate between cat and dog lovers to decide which is the better species. Dogs are more playful, more obedient, and are humans’ best friend, while cats lower their owners’ stress levels (must be all that purring), and if you’re like me and live in the country, they keep the mice and snakes away. I hang out right in the middle with two cats, two dogs, and four fish, so I’m impartial and the rest of you can duke this one out. 

Our Cats and Dogs playlist has favorites like “Black Dog” and “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” by Led Zeppelin, “The Lovecats” by The Cure, and my personal favorite, Nellie McKay’s “The Dog Song.” We’d love to know your favorite dog- or cat- related song in the comments below!

Note from Jennifer: My riders know me as a crazy cat lady and animal lover, especially those who follow me on Instagram, so when I throw in the occasional song about cats, it always brings a smile to their faces. “Lovecats” is one of my personal favorites, and since I have a black cat, there are several black cat options to choose from.

Animal lovers often gravitate to each other, so you likely know a few of your own riders who are crazy about their pets. This playlist will give you some fun options to humor them with a drill or mountain climb in honor of their favorite feline or canine companion.

My 3 cats are all named after famous climbs of the Tour de France in the French Alps: Galibier, Madeleine, and Izoard.















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