Theme Ride Thursday: Days of the Week

Long before Rebecca Black made the song “Friday,” artists have been writing about the days of the week. An all-time ’80s classic is “Friday on My Mind” by Easybeats (betcha didn’t know the name of that band!). Clocking in at 95 rpm, it makes for a great fast flat…throw in some accelerations on the chorus and you’re set.

If you’re wondering what other songs make reference to the days of the week that you can add to your next profile, then download the playlist at the end of this post. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below if you’re looking for a few recommendations.  

Artist: Sir Rosevelt
Song: Sunday Finest
bpm: 130
Great for surges and climbs

Artist: Vance Joy
Song: Saturday Sun – Luca Schreiner Remix
bpm: 100
Great for a flat road.

Artist: Panic! At The Disc
Song: Say Amen (Saturday Night)
bpm: 168
Great for surges.

Days of the Week Playlist

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