Theme Ride Thursday: Waking Up and Rocking Out, the Ultimate Coffee-Themed Indoor Cycling Class!

Ladies and gentlemen, caffeinated crusaders, and dawn warriors, are you ready for a ride that will awaken your senses like that first sip of coffee on a Monday morning? Well, gear up because we’re about to brew some pedal-powered magic in the world of indoor cycling! And guess what? We’re celebrating the nectar of the gods—coffee!

Did you know that there’s an International Coffee Day? Yeah, that’s right! It’s the day when we raise our mugs high and declare, “If a donut has its own day, coffee deserves its spotlight too!” Mark your calendars because October 1 is the date for this java jubilee.

We all have our coffee preferences, don’t we? Some folks need a cup before they can even blink, while others make it a triple-shot extravaganza later in the day. Are you a black coffee purist, or do you fancy a splash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar? Or maybe you’re the kind who enjoys a chilled, carefully crafted cold brew? And let’s not forget about the coffee connoisseurs savoring that freshly ground French roast (that would be me!), the enchanting aroma of a specialty Arabica, or the zest of a Guatemalan blend. Heck, you might even be on a first-name basis with your local barista at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Tim Horton’s (hello, Canadian friends!). Whatever your coffee crush, it’s time to blend it into our ride.

Now, hold onto your handlebars, because here’s a jolt of motivation—studies show that caffeine isn’t just a lifeline for bleary-eyed commuters. As the New York Times reports in this article called “The Secret to a Better Workout is Probably Already in Your Kitchen,”  caffeine can turbocharge your workout, whether you’re slam-dunking for the NBA or simply strolling through your neighborhood. So, sip your pre-workout brew with pride, fellow caffeine enthusiasts!

And here’s where it gets even more exciting—there’s a java jive in the world of music! You won’t believe how many songs serenade coffee in their lyrics. From classics to contemporary hits, we’ve got the caffeinated beats that’ll make your cycling experience a wild ride. In honor of International Coffee Day, we’ve brewed up two playlists that will help you get your caffeine fix and face the morning. Our coffee-themed bucket playlist has about 80 songs to choose from, from well-known hits to silly songs to use as recoveries or pre- or post-class music. And our “good morning/wake-up” playlist has about 200 songs. (ICA members can follow the playlists below.) 

Here are a few examples to get you caffeinated for coffee songs:

Café con Leche, Pitbull, 2:48, 128 bpm
He really wants his café con leche (coffee with milk), someone give it to him quick! Ride this peppy track as a climbing interval. 

Give Me a Coffee, Crimson Disc, 2:56, 147 bpm
He needs his caffeine hit, so give him a coffee, cappuccino, or a latte! Use it as a short, fast climbing interval or part of a longer climb.

Black Coffee, Parov Stelar, 3:41, 125 bpm
He’s got his black coffee and he’s in trouble! Use this electro-jazzy-swing track for a fun, energetic climb, standing with the horns. 

Black Coffee, Lacy Dalton, 3:34, 114 bpm
Coffee won’t heal a broken heart, but it can be your loyal companion as you’re feeling the pain. Ride this as a slow, hard climb, suffering in solidarity with the protagonist.

How about songs to help you wake up for early classes?

Picture this: you’re the early-morning spin guru, and you’re ready to conquer the break-of-dawn warriors. Blend our coffee bucket playlist with a lineup of songs about waking up—including the struggles of getting out of a warm bed—and you’ve got yourself the ultimate theme ride. It’s like a caffeine-infused party on two wheels! 

Here are a few “good morning” and “wake up” songs to start your early-morning classes:

Good Morning, Max Frost, 2:33, 88 bpm
This song will bring a smile to anyone’s face, even if the sunrise is still waiting to happen. It makes for a perfect warm-up or a fast flat at just about any intensity. For those of you who teach super early, I could see this becoming your signature track! 

Wake Up, AWOLNATION, 3:03, 93 bpm
Here is your high-cadence, high-intensity interval track to wake your riders’ legs up. You can also use it as a moderate flat approaching a climb. 

Gotta Get Up, Harry Nilsson, 2:25, 89 bpm
Use this as an intro/outro, warm-up, recovery, or working flat. The lyrics of this classic from the 1970s will get your riders ready for their day once they leave your class.

How will you fire your riders up in the morning?

Sure, you can do a coffee/wakeup-themed ride exclusively on International Coffee Day, but why limit the fun? Welcome your riders year-round with this dynamic duo of playlists below. They’ll thank you for helping them rise and shine, even when it’s “zero dark thirty.”

For our nocturnal instructors, you get to play along as well. Toss your favorite coffee-themed song into your evening playlist for grins—you’re going to need that chuckle for tomorrow’s early grind at work after teaching a killer class.

Remember, life’s too short for bad coffee and boring workouts. Let’s blend the best of both worlds and create an indoor cycling experience that’s as invigorating as that first cup of joe. 

So, saddle up, my coffee comrades, and let’s pedal our way to the perfect brew-tiful morning! 🚴☕🎶

My favorite coffee cup!


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