Theme Ride Thursday: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy there, matey! Every year September 19 marks the spot for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a chance to let your inner pirate out and use the word “booty” to your heart’s content. In case it’s been a while, here’s a pirate refresher to help you find your inner pirate voice.

  • Use “me” in place of “my.” Pirates don’t say “I.”
  • Double up on your adjectives. Pirates are known to be animated and verbose. 
  • Use “ye” or “yer” in place of “you” or “your” as in “How are ye feeling after that last interval?”
  • Drop the “g” and “v” sounds from your words.
  • Use “Arr” all the time, especially when the ride gets tough! It’s a catch-all exclamation that you can use for most emotions.
  • Find your inner growl; roll your Rs and grumble often. 
  • Radiate confidence. (Have you ever met an insecure pirate?)
  • And don’t forget that pirates are known for their insults, so have your arsenal ready.

Here’s a list of common pirate words and their English definition. And if you’re looking to say something specific, check out this English to pirate translator. Now gulp your favorite grog while creating your playlist from the list below.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Bucket Playlist (>60 songs)

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