Theme Ride Thursday: With a Little Help from Our Friends

June 8 has been declared National Best Friend Day, but that’s just another excuse to do a best friends theme ride—and we’ve got just the profile for you! This profile by Fern Stancer is called “My BFF: A Ride to Celebrate Friendships”! Pull out this ride anytime you want to honor the friendships you’ve created in your cycling classes.

Like cycling, friendships boost your happiness and reduce your stress. We all need at least one good friend, and that person should be celebrated since they bring so much to your life. 

Many times, in the middle of a hard effort when I want to quit, I think to myself, what would Debbie say to me right now? Debbie would tell me that I am stronger than I think, that I can do anything. When this thought pops into my head, I am usually able to push through the hardest parts using my friend’s inspiration as a mantra.

This profile includes a warm-up, two climbs (one long, one short), and some intervals and flat roads. Lots of opportunities to challenge your riders into Z4, Z5, and Z6 with speed and resistance alternatives, plus enough recovery. The last working song offers a fun ending before the cool-down. Riding a bike that goes nowhere with your friends is always so much better!

We also have a bucket playlist of about 140 songs on this theme for you to switch out any of the tracks if you desire or to create your own. If you know of any good songs about friends that we’re missing, let us know in the comments.

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