Theme Ride Thursday: Yes or No?

Here’s a new theme for you to incorporate into your next profile! We’ve compiled 120 songs with the words “yes” or “yeah” in the title and 112 songs with the words “no” or “never” in them, giving you over 14.5 hours of music options to choose from. Whether you like the song (YES!) or you don’t (NO!), there’s bound to be enough here to create a 60-minute playlist.  

One quick way to utilize this theme is to have all “yes” songs signify a specific terrain such as a seated flat, and all “no” songs represent a climb. Or, create an interval ride with Yes vs. No. Alternate two “yes” songs (work + recovery) with two “no” songs (work + recovery).

You can also simply pick out your favorite inspirational “yes” song for a special moment in any profile when you want your riders to tell themselves, “Yes! I got this!”

And if you want to really get tricky you can play songs by the bands Yes or The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Let us know how you plan to use these playlists in your next class!

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