Top Ten Tricks For Nailing Your Next Audition: Part 2 (or How to Be a Really Good Instructor)

Part 2 of Top Ten Tricks for Nailing Your Next Audition
(or…How to Be a Really Good Instructor)
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  1. I’ve been using Class Builder for creating my classes for the past 8 months. Is it okay to use this tool during an audition?

    Great articles.


    Bob Blatz

    1. Author


      Nearly everyone needs some type of tool or piece of paper with writing on it to keep track of their profile or plan so that is totally expected in most auditions. In fact I usually look at that as a strength for most instructor candidates, in that it shows me that they are thoughtful and organized. Contrasted with someone “winging-it” with no real plan or organization, the organized instructor would get the better score for planning in my book.

      Class Builder would be a great tool in an audition. Basically anything that makes you organized, comfortable and confident is a good thing. As I mentioned in the article, its a balance where I look for with regard to tools / notes / cue sheets is for the instructor to be able to relate to the class participants, and not focus solely on their notes / tools / cue sheets.

      I would recommend that instructor candidates learn the skill of “reading” the room during auditions, watch the director / manager or group auditioning you and see how they are perceiving the audition. For example if I were to audition for a new position using notes or a tool like Class Builder and I looked up and saw that my audience was disengaging, they were distracted perhaps trying to get my attention to move to the next section of the audition profile, I need to be able to see that and make necessary adjustments! So balancing my focus from my notes or my profile tool and the room is an essential and preferred skill.

      Thanks for response!


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