Trending Tracks: A Catchy New Remix

Artist: SZA
Song: Kill Bill (feat. Doja Cat)
Album: Single
Time: 2:55
Genre: R&B/soul
BPM: 89
Category: flat road/warm-up
Available: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music

Maybe you have dreamed of killing an ex? OK…maybe not. This song explores the extremes one would go to for love. Its groovy rhythm will get your legs moving.  

The original song was released in January 2023; it shot up the charts and has remained there. This fan favorite has recently broken Billboard’s record for most weeks at No. 1 by a lead female artist. This new remix version featuring Doja Cat offers a new verse.

The song is great as a warm-up or a flat road. The melody is so euphonic that it may mesmerize your riders. It’s also nice to introduce new songs to your class. They may then always associate the song with the amazing feeling they get from cycling.



  1. Nice tune, Fern! “Euphonic” is right (actually had to look it up!)

    1. Author

      Thanks Mark! I love riding to this track. Hope you do too!

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