Theme Ride Thursday: Burn, Baby, Burn—Profile and Playlist

Are you sweltering in this summer heat? We’ve created other summer related playlists and profiles, but wanted to create one dedicated to “feeling the burn”, be it from the sun or the way your legs feel after this ride! 

I tend to use a lot of cues in class that talk about burning and torching calories during really hard segments of work. I also like to use cues that indicate to riders how their legs should feel during Zone 4 and 5 work. (See below, or check my Exercise Mantra Pinterest board, for a list of my favorite burn-/fire-related cues that you can incorporate into this ride.)

The playlist includes 186 songs spanning 12 hours of music with a “fire” or “burn” theme. Give it a listen and let us know if we missed a favorite. I did include several instrumental songs on this profile, as they really play well with the intensity and energy needed to conquer the work, but feel free to mix things up and make it your own.

A few of my favorites quotes are: 

                 burn fire lighter

     calories screaming

And my favorite, non-burn-/fire-related quote that always gets a laugh:


  1. This is a great profile! Love the music too! My class really appreciated the extended warm up and they all torched some serious calories! Thank you!

  2. Can’t wait to try this ride tonight! I can’t find Burnin’ by Carl Doening in iTunes – any hints? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hey Trish, look for the album — Gym Tonic Hits Dance.

  3. Thanks Karen, I did this one this morning and it was really great 🙂

    1. Author

      That’s great to hear! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Author

    I am so happy to hear you guys are loving this profile. It is a favorite of mine, so I’m thrilled! More profiles will be coming soon!

  5. Great Ride Karen, I used in it my class tonight and they loved the theme and hard work. Thank you

  6. Ive been teaching it all week and really love the fire theme, my classes love feeling burnt up, they keep coming back for more! I’m in SF and summer here = fog season for us so its fun to “burn it up” indoors! Thanks for the great profile!

  7. Good idea for theme! I only see 13 songs on the SPOTIFY playlist though.


    I get the profile if I click on the PDF version. Thought I would see the other songs. Does look like a winner. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Author

      Hi Katy! Thanks for pointing that out. I was so excited and focused on launching the profile, that I didn’t include the playlist. It’s there now. Would love to know what you think once you teach it. Cheers!

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