Two More Rocktober Profile Options

Here are two Rocktober interval profiles that I created to celebrate Rocktober. Both profiles were so well received by my riders that I wanted to share them with my fellow ICA members. The profiles follow the same general format—they consist of two pyramid loops that are 11 to 12 minutes long and begin in Zone 3 (moderate), top out at Zone 4 (hard), and drop back down to Zone 3, followed by a recovery.

Then, each profile has the same strong finishing song in Zone 5 for a very hard finale that will challenge your riders. I used the same last song in both profiles because it has incredible energy and because I LOVE Nickelback. Sorry, not sorry!

The advantage of both profiles following the same format is that you can mix and match the songs or you can use both profiles separately. One of these profiles is for a 45-minute class and the other is 50 minutes—you can mix and match as needed. For a 60-minute class, choose your favorite combination of songs between the two profiles so you now have three rounds of the longer intervals. That will probably require ditching the final harder effort, but if it were me, I’d still find a way to use my favorite Nickleback song by replacing one of the other climbing songs! 😉 

As is the case with all ICA profiles, you can switch out any of the songs; just find a similar tempo and length and swap them out. For hundreds of rock-and-roll options, here are four Rocktober bucket playlists to choose from. 

These two profiles are in the Express Profile format (one-page spreadsheet or PDF) so the cueing is minimal. 

I hope you enjoy these profiles and choose to bring them to your classes. Obviously, while they are super fun for “Rocktober,” your rock-and-roll lovers will enjoy them any time of the year.

Enjoy, and Rock On!


  1. I needed something fun to bring to my class this week! Thank you for another awesome profile!

    1. Author

      So glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for these. Looking forward to riding to #1 this evening!

    1. let us know how it goes, Leslie!

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