Tell This To ALL Your New Students!

Last week I gave you numerous tips (28 in total!) on how to create a non-intimidating beginner class where new students will feel comfortable their first time on an indoor bicycle. I asked for input from members who teach beginner classes so we could collaborate with additional ideas.

One suggestion was so good that it warrants its own post! 

Christine Nielsen posted the following:

Beginner classes are a regular part of my schedule. I have worked out my own protocol for conveying the information they will need to succeed in my regular classes. But far and away the most meaningful thing I do is this: Not long after I have set up the new students I tell them my goal for the class. I say “I want you to go home and tell your family and friends how much you learned, not how hard you worked.” Everyone in the room exhales and are ready to listen and absorb what I have to teach.

When you say this to your beginner classes, in conjunction with the tips in last week’s article, you will easily convert your newbies to rabid fans of yours for life!

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  1. Excellent tip. The Y where I teach doesn’t have a beginner class. We used to require new students to take a 30 minute intro to cycling, but dropped it due;to poor attendance.
    While helping new students set up their bikes I will encourage them to have fun first and work hard as a secondary benefit. I also follow up after class to encourage them to come back. One couple I did that to the husband is now a fellow instructor. He attributes his coming back to the personal encouragement.

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