3 Tips for Teaching Off the Bike

It can be intimidating and awkward to instruct an indoor cycling class off the bike. Our bike seat can become a security blanket—a comfortable, happy place. However, getting off the bike and mingling with our riders can enhance their experience and allow them to draw closer to us as their instructor or coach. I find it to be an excellent way to engage riders and keep them focused on the objective of the class while adding a more “personal touch” to an otherwise group format.  Here are three ways to effectively roam amongst the crowds with confidence.


  1. I love starting the class off the bike, but did have one woman come up to me after I subbed a class to tell me she thought I was very unprofessional because I was not on my bike spot at 6 a.m. It took me a while to process her critique. It stung. But I still do my intro off the bike because it is effective at setting the tone and getting the class focused.

  2. Really great points Tom and ones I agree with, especially the last few sentences. Many riders coming to our class are human. Us as coaches are human. The simple acknowledgement through eye contact with a rider or a tap on the shoulder of a regular who is okay with it can really reinforce for our students what we ask them.

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