Top Ten Tricks for Nailing Your Next Audition: Part 3 (or How to Be a Really Good Instructor)

Part 3 of Top Ten Tricks for Nailing Your Next Audition (or How to Be a Really Good Instructor)
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    Good point. Actually there are a lot of really good things at play when you are in savasana part of a yoga class, your mind, your body, your heart and your breathing are all connected up which is a perfect scenario where you can soak up good intentions, positive thoughts, and affirmations.

    I am sure there are many other places and situations that we all experience that help us find our more confident and centered selves. Perhaps some of the others viewing this thread will be inspired to share with us the places they use to find center.

    I am glad you found a place that works for you, in helping you past nervous situations and a place that helps build confidence. I am also glad you shared the experience.

  2. Hi ,Being a new instructor I was dealing with nervous issues .What helped my alot was yoga believe it or not.I started doing hot yoga about the same time I started teaching.During the savasana parts of the class I told myself I was breathing in positive energy and confidence ,and exhaling nervousness and self doubt.It worked !!!!.I have almost no nervousness in class now!I think the tough conditions of a hot yoga class makes the power of suggestion stronger.its like brainwashing yourself! Tom.

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