A Simple Handout for New Students Can Be Their Lifeline

This wonderful suggestion from the archives is from Bill Roach. Now that fall is here, you will start seeing new people in your classes. It’s time to consider a new student handout. Read on as Bill explains what he hands out to new riders at his YMCA.

When someone comes in at the last minute, you do your best. You get them set up quickly, give them a couple of words of encouragement, a pat on the back, and send them on their way. And you never see them again. Does that sound familiar? How can you reclaim this lost opportunity?

Maybe if you had a new student handout to help ease their concerns and answer questions they may be too timid to ask, you’d regain that opportunity. It would also help to assert your position on a couple of things from the very beginning. New students don’t know the value of coming to class early and speaking with the instructor beforehand. It is not their fault they come into class at the last moment. Perhaps it is a reflection of their nervousness about coming at all.


  1. Simple, elegant and effective–thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful guide. I’ve been trying to pull something like this together, and this is a huge help!

    Liz, maybe between the two of us, we can empower the newbies with the confidence, and knowledge, to make good choices for themselves!

  3. Thank you! This is terrific. I usually write down the bike settings for newbies, but the handout is a super idea. best regards.

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