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A Super Bowl Profile That Will Rock You Like a Hurricane!

REPOSTED from 2012…

Hold on to your seats—you’re going to have some fun this weekend. And I don’t mean at your Super Bowl party either. This fun will be had in your cycling studio! I asked Kala if she had a few songs to suggest for a Super Bowl theme ride and she mentioned a great profile she did every year. I asked her to put it into the ICA template, and when she sent it to me I almost fell off my chair it looked so fun!

For you non-Americans and/or you non-grid-iron fans (um, that would include me) this may not be the profile for you. You’ll have to understand a little bit about the rules of this American game. But get your offensive lines ready and wait for that 2-minute warning!


  1. I recently saw a profile called Grid Iron Intervals posted on a forum and the profile was pretty much identical to this one. Leaving me scratching my head a little here.

  2. Kala-THANK YOU. I am so excited about this profile! In fact, I changed up all my classes last week to teach this profile and it was a hit every time 🙂

    I have a strange demographic of students for GX –about 75% or more of my riders are male. It is great for me to have something like this profile to appeal to some of those guys!

    I had the riders select their allegiance by picking either the Giants side of the room or Patriots side. A lot of folks didn’t have preference, but this still sparked some fun banter. Plus I like profiles that mix things up and get people to move to a new place in the studio outside of their comfort zone.

    The second time I taught the profile I added a “game rule” at the onset of class during the game overview. There could be “penalties”. Then I said “do you know how your team gets a penalty?”….dramatic pause……”for talking during the game, I don’t think your team wants me to give any penalties though, right?” This was for me to help keep class in check. I find with these fun exciting energy themed profiles people are more inclined to engage in distracting one-on-one commentary.

    I also threw in a few motivational quotes during some of the plays/drives. I googled football quotes. Vince Lombardi has a slew of quotes attributed to him online. I haven’t verified authenticity of any of these ….but some nice inspiration that extends beyond football 🙂

    The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.
    — Vince Lombardi

    Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.
    — Vince Lombardi


  3. My Saturday AM class is going to be very surprised. The Super Bowl is the last event they would expect me to mark with a special rie. How nice is it that I have a new committed rider who is also a high profile local football coach?

    FYI, I swapped out two songs:

    substituted Work Hard, Play Hard by Tiesto for Remember the Name


    used Hold the Line by Renegade instead of Heart of a Champion

  4. Had a Great Time with this ride today! Divided the room so that two teams were facing each other. Had another instructor be the team captain of one side and I on the other. While one was directing flats the other climbs and on some we worked together. Lots of cheering as we worked pushing each other. We had so many compliments on the ride. Great one. Here is my play list.

    5:31 In the Air Tonight Phil Collins
    2:02 We Will Rock You Queen
    5:07 Space Jam Quad City DJ’s
    2:38 NFL Pump It Up
    1:38 Been Waiting All Day For Sunday Night, Faith Hill
    2:31 He39s Brady and He Knows It
    3:04 The NY Giants SuperBowl Song – GO BIG BLUE
    4:14 Rock You Like a Hurricane Scorpions
    4:30 Renegade Styx
    3:22 Give Me All Your Luvin’ (feat. Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.)
    4:23 Party Rock Anthem LMFAO
    3:43 Get Ready for this –
    6:46 C&C Music Factory – Make You Sweat
    4:23 This Is Our House Bon Jovi
    4:35 Heart of a Champion Nelly
    3:02 We Are The Champions Queen
    4:06 NA NA NA NA HEY HEY
    4:15 Everybody Have Fun Tonight Wang Chung

  5. I love the idea of the commentary and commercial breaks! Such a good idea! I looove changing my “halftime show” every year and if I can find live versions of songs I will to add to the “mood”. Also, some really great music suggestions! I will admit that I sprinkle in LOTS of Steelers-related songs when they are going to the Superbowl, but I held off in this case 😉

  6. I also do a yearly super bowl ride and lucky to have it in my home town this year so excitement and energy are at a high level now especially good for a HIT ride.
    I have a small football to pass back and forth through efforts from team to team based all the positive form and technique we’ve worked on as “commentary” and play review. I will have a 1/2 time recovery featuring Madonna as well as other recoveries or “commercial” breaks.
    Some additional fun songs i’ve used are:
    Break On Through, The Doors
    Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr.
    Na Na Hey Hey, Steam
    Zombie Nation, Kernfraft
    Only The Strong Survive, REO Speedwagon
    YMCA, The Village People
    Shout, The Isley Brothers
    The Power, SNAP
    The Sopranos Theme, Vinnie Pauleone and the Ba Da Bing Orchestra (2:00 warning)

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