Always Have a Plan B For Your Classes!

In my e-book Ten Ways to Stay Motivated as an Indoor Cycling Instructor, one of the things I discuss is to always be prepared. In doing so, you reduce your potential stress level because you are confident that should something happen, you have a way to address the problem and not skip a beat in your instruction of your class. In the book I give you some tips on making sure you have everything you need when you need it by planning in advance for potential problems. There is nothing worse than arriving at the club and finding that you’re missing your *insert-important-item-here*.


  1. The stereo system did not work.
    There was no CD player in sight.

    I asked if the class would help me teach our class today. They all nodded “How can we help”.I asked them to come up with a three minute segment of class and I would go around the room and let them be teacher for those three minutes!!!!

    I walked around the room after I warmed them up. They had the choice of:

    A. Declining
    B. Yelling it out to the entire class when I got to them
    C. Telling me privately and I would cue it for them.

    Every one that participated was so excited about presenting their idea that no one even noticed there was no music. They were too nervous and too busy thinking about what they were going to teach.
    It really brought the class closer together too

  2. Excellent suggestions!
    And yes, my hand is raised on having to fill in for a class I intended to take when the instructor didn’t show! In fact, that was how the *very first class I ever taught* happened. There was a miscommunication, the other person didn’t come in, and luckily I was ready to go…but wow, talk about trial by fire. I think it made the participants more understanding of my nervousness–not only was I new, but I didn’t think I was teaching that day!
    11 years later, it’s amazing how much more calm I can usually stay when wacky things happen–after a while, you’ve experienced a lot of stuff and know how to roll with it!

  3. This article has so much resonance for me! My Motto:’Fail to Prepare- Prepare to Fail’! I teach from a 7″ tablet but every (mixmeister) file is also on my phone, plus on a CD, but what with my notes (without which I also feel bereft), it all got way too heavy for working in an urban setting using public transport. So I now have a Plan B file just as you recommend (it contains my go-to classes for short notice cover too). But the thing I find I use most is my spare batteries (all 3 sizes) for the inevitable mic issues (I taught this morning and the instructor last night had not put the mic pack back on the charger, cheers matey!). I covered a class last week; the mic spluttered and died shortly into a 9 minute climb, so I gesticulated to the class to keep going, ejected their rubbish cheapo battery, smiled, tossed it theatrically across the room, produced mine with an even more theatrical flourish, did the 3-finger Brownie Guide salute to the class and announced their motto ” Be Prepared”! Admittedly, this eccentricity may not have been ideal for a cover class and a few of them did look a little askance at me, but afterwards some members told me that it died the previous days too and I was the only instructor who had bought a spare battery, so I hope that helps influence if I will be asked back. I also carry a spare amp cable, allen key, a power extension lead and bluetooth amp plug-in, hence Plan B works for me!! Oh and I use a cabin-size wheelie bag too for all this hardware….

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