America (Grace on Thee Rewerk), Peter G ReWerk

Peter G, an instructor in Connecticut, has made a name for himself amongst indoor cycling instructors as their DJ of choice. If you haven’t yet heard of Peter G yet…mark my words, you will soon!

For your 4th of July playlist, you can purchase this fun “rewerk” of Prince’s “America” by Peter G on Legitmix.¬†They are completely legal remixes; read here about how the artist is supported when you purchase a remix from this site. If you already own the original sample track, you are good to go. If not, you simply purchase the original, and then can easily purchase the remix.

Instructors who are looking for special remixes of popular tunes that allow them to stand out are willing to pay a little more for certain songs.

You can see more of Peter’s remixes on Legitmix here.


Get more Peter Gonzalez remixes at Legitmix

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