An exceptional way to improve as a Spinning® or Indoor Cycling Coach

Video Yourself: one of the best ways to improve as a Spinning® or Indoor Cycling Coach

When I applied to become a Master Spinning® Instructor back in 1997, one of the requirements in the final stage of the application process was to send in a video of my class. I also had to video myself talking on camera as to why I thought I would be a good Master Instructor. That video experience alone improved my own teaching and speaking skills immensely.

But I have a confession to make. In 2005, I went to California to the Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning® headquarters to film a video for the Cadence, Resistance and Heart Rate workshop that I had written for Spinning®. The video and workshop was designed to introduce the new cadence meters at the time. Doug Katona and I co-starred in the video. Much of it was done off the bike but we did the cadence drills on the bike.

My confession? To this day, six years later, I have never watched the video! The first few years were because I just didn’t want to. I dunno, I guess those were my own self-confidence issues. I have always been my own worst critic. And I knew how hot it was in the studio when we were filming it, and how much I sweated, and how nervous I was. But others have told me it is fine, that I was being overly self-conscious. The last couple of years it is because I simply forgot about it. I still have the DVD of course; maybe it’s time I pull it out and watch it! I might be surprised what I learn.

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  1. I appreciate this article & support the assertion that shooting video of yourself will result in huge improvement.

    In high school, my Drama teacher gave me this exact advice. I wanted to win State with a Dramatic Interpretation piece. I filmed myself several times. Cringed a few times watching it back. Ultimately learned strengths & weaknesses of my performance.

    The result? I took first place in state.

    I have filmed myself riding for the sole purpose of improving form & I’ve gotten worlds better. My next step will be filming a class.

    Thanks for a well written article plus the things to look out for!

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