Approaches to Teaching – Part 2: Fitness Versus Athletic Training

Part 2. Tom Scotto and I continue our discussion on the two approaches to teaching: the fitness model versus the athletic model. We give you some tools to guide you along the path to becoming a better coach as you think of your classes as part of a bigger-picture training program and less like a single fitness class. (Part 2 for ICA members only)Tom and I go a little deeper into our discussion comparing the fitness model of teaching and the athletic training model of coaching, and give you some suggestions on how you can think of the big picture from here on in, not just what class you are going to teach this week.


  1. Hey guys,
    Can we get this as PDFs to read?

  2. thank you once again. excellent information and points to refresh and keep us all on target and at our best in coaching and instructing whomever is in our classes. It is always great to be reminded of the higher goal we aspire to and you sure help us to do that.
    I especially love the 5 week testing checkup component using previous weeks objectives and music for riders to evaluate themselves. I think RPE is an excellent way for our participants to judge if they’ve made improvements whether than a specific number that has been measured. Sometimes, the FEEL is the greatest reward that is so easily recognized and remembered in the mind and body.

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