Ask the Expert: Lower Cadence + Same Power = Lower Heart Rate

“I brought my heart rate up to Zones 2, 3, and 4 and then changed cadence from 88 to 75, 70, and 60, adding resistance each time to keep the power the same. I stayed at each cadence for several minutes. My heart rate dropped considerably each time I lowered my cadence while maintaining the same power output. Did my heart rate drop because we use muscle more than cardio at lower cadences or is this an issue with the bike?”

– Melinda Massie

This is an excellent question and an excellent observation. Although I’ve been able to manipulate the power output on different indoor bikes over the years, this outcome is not the bike but the body’s response to changing stress.

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  1. See…..this is why I’m willing to carve time out of a weekend to attend a training workshop and pay for the priviledge……if it’s Tom Scotto (among a very few *others*), that is.

    Again, a timely post on ICA…

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