Lead Your Best Charity Ride Ever!

I’m certain each of us has participated in one or more charity events. We ran, biked, walked, or possibly accomplished something more adventurous in the name of a great cause we believe in. Those of us who had the opportunity to be one of the chosen instructors responsible for motivating these big-hearted participants know the tremendous privilege this is. Being an instructor for a charity ride is also a rush beyond what can be experienced from teaching our everyday indoor cycling classes. All excitement aside, events of this nature can be intimidating for an instructor. Here are some tips and considerations for how to approach the event, how to approach your ride, and how to approach your riders for the best charity ride ever.

Know the Expectations


  1. Interesting image Tom, on your knees playing with toddlers. I like you even more.
    I’ve ridden in 24 hour rides and been an instructor in a couple of others. What you say here holds true. Organization (or lack of) can affect the whole experience.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment Robert. Yes, I love kids and being silly to make them laugh. I figured the kids were just much a part of the charity event and deserved a little entertainment 🙂

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