Audio Master Class: The Canyon Ride (An Out-and-Back Profile)

This ride is a very fun simulation of an out-and-back ride and highlights the beauty of using outdoor simulations to enhance your indoor experience. This profile includes wonderful visualization cues of the scenery and the outdoor riding experience. However, it does not go above the heads of those who do not ride a bike so you won’t be alienating anyone. I call it The Canyon Ride because the middle section descends into and overlooks a beautiful canyon with desert topography.

Outdoor ride profiles can change every time you teach them depending on the group that you describe and their level of motivation. It might be two friends riding together, or it may be a hammerfest with a local bike club.

On an out-and-back ride, changing wind can either be your friend or your foe, and the weather can play a role in your motivation, as you will see in this profile. You can also describe how the same scenery looks different from each direction.

I love the varied music for this profile. I’ve been doing this particular out-and-back ride for years and have almost always used “Rosalita” by Bruce Springsteen for the rolling hills on the way back. It’s one of the only times I’ll use that classic song, but it strikes me as being perfect for short, steep rollers. You might find some of your students singing along on that final stretch of road!


  1. I love it Jennifer! Funny thing, I too use a rain storm to provide motivation on a virtual ride on the Georgian Trail here in Ontario.It seems to be one class they remember!

  2. Superb profile, Jennifer! Thank you. I’m going to the Grand Canyon in June. This will be a fun way to prepare and let my class virtually experience the spectacular views I’ll be seeing. I love your suggestions for visualization and music selections.

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