Audio Master Class: Crossroads, an interactive climbing interval ride

Join our guest contributor, Leslie Mueller, as she describes to you her very fun, interactive interval ride. In this profile, you’ll have three forks in the road. At each fork, you’ll describe the two possible directions to your students. Your students will make the choice which way they want to ride (either by consensus or by the first student speaking up loudly to declare their choice!); then you’ll cue up the songs, and off you go! After each challenge, you’ll have a recovery before facing the next fork. This profile encourages interaction with your students and help them feel like they were a part of selecting the direction of the class. We are sure your students are going to love this profile!

The beauty of this profile is that you can create many versions of it, providing different options at each fork. Not only that, but every time you do it, your students may select a different choice, so it will always feel fresh and new!


  1. Can’t wait to do this one! Thank you both. Leslie, I’d love to have your Negative Splits profile on ICA as well–I have lots of riders who’d like to revisit that one!

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