Audio Master Class: EDM Muscle Madness

Profile objective: To vehemently defy the cycling cardio gods with a dance of strength. Think of performing 1260 single leg squats; this profile requires no imagination.

The mention of “dance of strength” was not just a fun euphemism; get ready to bring your bike and legs on the dance floor with some powerful EDM (electronic dance music).


  1. I taught this profile this morning. Made music modifications with songs in my library which led to a few tweaks on work and recovery timing. “Enjoyed” the stress progression as the profile went on. I teach again this evening and usually teach the same class as the morning but not with this one. My legs are toast! Thank you.

  2. I did this profile with my class yesterday and it was fantastic!! As a newer cycle instructor I am SO grateful for all the resources here on ICA.

    Like another commenter mentioned, our bikes do not have power either but next time I will bring in tape for the resistance knobs with arrows drawn on them to help prevent the downward drift in gear as we get more fatigued. (I’m pretty sure I got that idea from another profile here also!) Many thanks!

  3. Did this profile twice today, two classes…Amazing! They want it again, on a regular basis. The music is well chosen and carries you easily through the intervals.
    As Vanessa said: beautifully brutal!
    Well done Tom! Great profile.

    1. Author

      Thanks Asa! I’m glad you class enjoyed it. I do love the “beautifully brutal” description 🙂

  4. I love this format and have done it on my trainer with power meter….it’s beautifully brutal. None of my classes have bikes with power meters. Incremental power increase is key to this format. How do I get them to return to the same wattage or slightly higher wattage after every recovery? I fear they will be all over the place wattage wise and not close to muscle failure.

    1. Author

      Hey Vanessa, this is a great question and a challenge without a power meter. I have riders spend time at a steady low intensity and try to dial-in to how this low intensity feels in the hopes they can continue to return to it between intervals. Of course, without measurement, this perceived low intensity can waiver greatly over time. HR monitors help, but will not accurately determine power, especially as riders fatigue.

  5. This is such an outstanding profile! I was worried about the music, but my class (and I) loved it! Thanks so much for sharing Tom!

  6. My classes Loved this. When I first told them ALL EDM, there were some frowns but as you said put the anger in the power to the pedals. There was NO anger they love it. Thanks so much for sharing and helping others.

  7. I did this with my class yesterday – they LOVED the music! And the challenge! Thanks for putting these profiles together – they are super helpful for us newer teachers. I’m wondering if you use Spotify, and would consider putting your playlists up that way? It would save us so much time! Thanks again.

  8. During the recovery moments are you releasing the tension from your bike or just slowing the legs?

    1. Author

      Sherri, this is a great question. Riders should pedal with light resistance between intervals in order to recovery. I also recommended standing (with light resistance) between intervals to stretch the legs.

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