A Peek Into My iTunes Organization, Part 2

Last week I posted a screen video of my iTunes filing system. It’s a result of many years of trial and error to find the best way to organize and categorize my songs so that making my playlists for my profiles will be much easier. We’ve all spent hours trying to put together profiles and playlists before, and like many, I bet you’ve agonized about finding the perfect song. A little forethought and investment of time in the short term may save you dozens of hours and reduce headaches in the long term.

Someone suggested it would be helpful if I posted screenshots of my category folders and playlists. I would recommend you watch my video first, as I explain in more detail the reasoning behind these folders and playlists. Below¬†are screenshots of the primary folders and the playlists contained within. Hopefully, in addition to getting ideas for categorization and organization, this will also give you some ideas for naming your profiles to make it easy for you to instantly know what your profile is about. And I’m sure you’ll get some fun theme ride ideas as well!


  1. What a fantastic library. Great tips. It would be great to have the class profiles on the ICA site organized like these, or in a more general format: climbs, speed, etc…. The categories save precious time!

    1. Author

      Kim, great idea….you are in for a treat! Our new website that we are working on at this moment, will include ways to categorize and sort both the profiles and the music suggestions, making them much easier to access!

      Unfortunately, the WordPress theme we used for this existing website does not allow that functionality (without a huge restructuring). It will save precious time!

      ETA? Hopefully within a month, maybe 6 weeks at the most! =)

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