Audio Master Class: Energia Magica

This magical ride is one of Jennifer’s signature profiles. It is one long epic climb with a focus on the mind-body connection, in which you inspire your students to visualize nature around them as they climb and to draw energy from their surroundings as the hill becomes more and more challenging. This ride is truly representative of bringing the outside inside.

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  1. Jennifer – I rode this profile yesterday in my studio and it was awesome! I used one of those plug-in energy balls on the stage with me, turned 90% of the lights and we made our way up the climb. My students thought I was nuts as I’d been promoting the ’45-50 minute climb’ all week but on their way out the door I heard nothing but praise.

    This site has done nothing but provide me avenues of opportunities to broaden abilities as an instructor. You and the other contributors make me look like a rock-star (and I take full credit – LOL).

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