Audio Master Class: How Big is Your Why?

How Big Is Your Why; a New Year’s Revolution is  one of Jennifer’s signature profiles. It is not just any ol’ “New Year’s Resolution” ride, this profile is a “Revolution”! It challenges your students to set goals and to change the way they think about achieving them, by finding their most compelling reasons for wanting to achieve their objectives – your biggest WHY. You can teach this goal-setting profile any time of the year (just take out the reference to New Years and focus on the goal setting and uncovering the “why”), but it is especially relevant through the end of January as people analyze what they want to do differently in the new year.

As you read this profile, imagine your own personal goals as an indoor cycling instructor, and envision yourself taking the steps to becoming even more inspiring and helping even more students! While motivating your own students to reach their goals, you too will be achieving a milestone in your own coaching – that is how powerful this profile can be.


  1. Jennifer – thank you for helping me deliver a powerful and inspirational class. I would not have had the courage to do this one w/o your guidance. This was outside my comfort zone, for sure, and I admitted it to my class. I got great feedback from it and I felt confident teaching it. And I love, love, love the song “Free Your Mind!” By the way, I waited until the last week of January to teach it. I talked it up all month so they would have plenty of time to think of a goal. I think it was effective as they all came in knowing what they would try for.

  2. This was the “first Sunday” of the year, and I taught this class! Used it outline style, and paraphrased the concepts to fit my coaching cues/style! My class loved it, and the owner of the gym got rave comments about it.

    Thanks, Jennifer!

    Fort Lauderdale

  3. Did the How Big is Your Why ride with a few tweaks for a 40 minute ride…the class loved it and someone even told me after class that they loved me cause I was so good at what I did..heheh for a minute I wanted to take all the credit…but I fessed up and told them about you 😉 now they love me because I am so resourceful and have the best sources !!!

  4. I taught this profile 5x this week, 3x last year. I’m getting pretty gosh darn familiar with it. Each time I gain confidence delivering it, and adding personal examples here and there for how I’ve used this goal setting process in my own life. I like to re-visit this profile in late June/early July to “check in” with people. What I found last year was that a resounding ~50% actually set and achieved or were on their way to achieving their goal… certainly better odds than achieving a resolution! I added video to this ride for this year which was fantastic for emphasizing certain lyrics. I even found a fantastic photo of daunting waves in front of a fishing boat to use! Yes, it’s outside of usual comfort zone, but this ride is pretty powerful and well worth doing.

  5. I taught the Big Why ride tonight. I had prepared it last year but didn’t have the confidence to deliver…. Thank You Jennifer Sage, it did take me to new level. Out of the 15 that attended (all regulars) more than half commented and said they felt inspired!!! I was happy to be able to do that tonight!!! Thanks again…

  6. you might be interested in some other songs i’ve found that have a great inspirational message Rolling In The Deep by Adele, Desire by Yanni (instrumental), Safest Way Into Tomorrow by Trans-Siberian, The Living Proof by Mary J. Blige (from The Help), & If It Rains by Meatloaf.
    Love the profile.
    thank you

  7. Taught this two days in a row and some people came back to specifically ride it a second time! Stayed off the bike the entire time the second ride and it was even more powerful. Had some first timers in class and while they had to take those big hills at a seated flat they all said afterwards that watching the other more experienced riders attack the hills and listening to the powerfull messages in the lyrics really inspired them! Of course I’m always inspired by your rides Jennifer! Thanks so much!

  8. I presented this profile last year and had a great response. Energy filled the air and you could see they were hanging on every word and took to heart the message. I am actually combining two of your profiles for this year. Today, I presented the one on Goal Setting and Monday I will continue with How Big Is Your Why.
    This is my favorite type of profile so thank you for providing the inspiration!

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