Audio Master Class: Ramp It Up (Through the Doors)

This profile may end up being the most versatile profile in your playbook. I present it here with the highest intensity right at lactate threshold, but there are so many possible variations; in intensity, terrain, and how you combine the terrain and the cadence. Included in your transcript are 44 additional 6-minute songs to choose from and 8 other possible variations for the profile. I bet that this is a profile you come back to again and again.

As usual, please let me know how you enjoyed this and if you have any questions or comments about teaching it.


  1. I had all but twenty minutes to prepare for class last night and I wanted something FRESH, so I used the 3-2-1 profile. The class was packed and I can’t thank you enough for saving the day! Everyone, including me, had a great ride! Definitely a versatile ride. Fab!

  2. Moves Like Jagger/Maroon 5 warmup
    Whole Lotta Love/Led Zeppelin 1st interval
    Without You/David Guetta&Usher recover& build back to RPE 7
    … Rock and Roll/Led Zeppelin 2nd interval
    All Day and All of Night/The Kinks 2nd Interval
    Love Her Madly/The Doors recover& build back to RPE 7
    Touch Me/The Doors interval 3
    Sinnerman/Nina Simone interval 3 and begin recover
    Break on Through/The Doors build to RPE7 begin 4th interval
    You Make the Rain Fall/Kevin Rudolf/Flo Rida end 4th interval
    Frankenstein/Edgar Winter 5th interval
    Are You Ready to Fly/Jason Nevins feat Rozalla recover
    It’s Only Love/Bryan Adams & Tina Turner recover
    Let It Rain/Eric Clapton Cool Down

    Note: Recover= 2 min then slowly build back to RPE 7 Position 2
    By the 3rd interval I get the entire class to yell “Ramp It UP” along with me. Now enjoy all the cheering when the class is done.
    Intervals= 6 min 3min RPE 7,2 min RPE 8, 1 min RPE 9

  3. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for this! Using it for my week of classes and I love the variety and ways you can tweak it! I have taught something similiar in the past but LOVE the format of this! Used a couple of the songs and some new ones that worked beautifully. As always, your site is helpful in so many ways! Thanks again!

  4. Renee,
    I hadn’t thought about it but this would make for a great audition ride! Because you can show ability to motivate and push harder as well as encourage people to hold back and focus – all in a very short period!
    Good luck to you in your new position. I bet your students at the first place are very sad to see you go!
    Keep us posted!

  5. awesome and perfect timing. will use one portion of this for an audition ride this week and the complete profile for my “farewell” ride tomorrow. climbing another mountain on the bigger journey of a new position after the closing of the cycling program to make way for the new TRX where i have my last ride tomorrow.
    always appreciated and given credit.

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