Audio Master Class: Reverie, Aerobic Intervals

On the surface this is an aerobic interval ride, but the underlying objective is to help riders enter a dreamlike reverie as they work. This is also known as the state of “Flow,” or being “in the zone.” The intervals are 12 minutes long at Zone 3 intensity, which is a solid working effort below threshold. The reverie is inspired through the music selection and through the coaching, guiding students to trust you enough to let them ride on their own for most of the final 12-minute interval.

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  1. Thank you for this. This is definately my style of teaching. Your cueing for this ride, is where I feel the most comfortable. Although, I don’t have the formal education I have to come to understand this through instinct and love to guide my students to this “place” and to your comment – I love to look out and see everyone so engaged. Out of their head, out of the noise and distraction that we resides inside our heads, the trip into the body and into the flow is healing in so many ways. I havn’t been on this site in a while due to work overload and I’m happy I snuck home before my 4oclock class today to regenerate and visit with ICA .. 🙂 Thank you.

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