Muscular Strength Profile: Stampede!

This amazing profile by Tom Scotto was first posted in 2014, and it’s about time for it to be brought forward for those who haven’t experienced it yet. It’s the perfect profile to teach after introducing your riders to strength-endurance intervals in this profile—although it’s nothing like it. If you’ve never taught this ride, or you’ve forgotten about it and need to pull it out again, please leave a comment below about your experience.

The music is unique, as is Tom’s style. It’s also perfect for the intensity and the daring of this ride. But, as usual, we love when you share any tracks you used that are different than the ones in this playlist.

If you love proving that indoor cycling is not just for cardio bunnies, this is the profile for you. The overall goal is to place as much force on the leg muscles as possible for the duration of each muscular strength interval. Consider this profile the equivalent of performing single-leg squats or lunges—800 of them!

The intervals are short, but they are intense. If done correctly, each interval will bring a rider close to failure in the last seconds.


  1. It’s time to bring this ride back to the forefront of your profiles! I taught this ride using a mixture of the suggested songs and my own choices; people sought me out to tell me how much they loved it and how their legs felt it. Thank you! I LOVE IT. If you haven’t dusted this one off since 2014, get it out and do it!

      1. In a recent post on the facebook page there were some instructors who said they use the same ride for a month so that people can experience their progress. Last week I polled my classes to see who would be willing to try this approach and it was almost unanimous that they all were, and this profile was the requested. I can’t wait!

    1. LOVE THIS!!!!It was a huge hit with my classes too. Thank you!

  2. Taught this class today. Got thumbs up! And was told I picked another winner! Thanks much for sharing!

  3. Can’t to lead this class, but I can’t find Rundfunk’s “Time” anywhere (tried iTunes, Amazon, eMusic,, and the like). If anyone knows where I can download it, please let me know — thanks!

  4. Wow, I taught this class this morning and it was AMAZING!! Freaking fantastic!

  5. Melissa, try Amazon!

  6. cant find many of these tracks on Itunes!!
    Where might we look?

  7. Tom, LOVE the idea and looking forward to teaching the class. I have question our stereo systems $#@’s and cannot handle any heavy bass :(. Do you have any suggestions for songs I could use to replace m Skrillex and still get the same effect. I teach an interval insanity class on Wednesday mornings and this will be awesome surprise for them.

  8. Ha! My class LOVED the ride and yes, had a few more F’s to add to the list! Thanks again Tom! 😉

  9. Tom, now that I have taught the ride I have a few more “F” words for you…

    Frickin’ Fantastic! (And OK, a bit of “WTF” from my muscles–wow.) What a great way to change up the training. Fabulous!

  10. Looks awesome! It’s a nice twist on a HIIT profile I did last week.

    By the way, Deadmau5 is pronounced “dead mouse.” He regrets it! Being clever sometimes bites you in the butt.

  11. Tom,
    I live for your profiles!! Just finished the playlist and CAN NOT WAIT to teach tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 😀

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