Audio Master Class: The Ride of Intention

When we place our attention on our intention, magical things happen! This ride is about inspiring your students to do just that. It’s a magical journey of self-discovery, as they realize they are the creators of their own reality. This is manifested through two challenging climbs. They will never forget what you’ve taught them, or the gift you’ve given them via this ride. The Ride of Intention is about creating our own reality. In this magical journey, you will teach your riders the power of intention.

The deeper purpose of this ride is to instill in you, the rider, the cyclist, the knowledge that you are not just a passive player in reaching the top of this, or any mountain; nor should you just “hope” you can make it. Rather, I want you to come to the realization that you should be an active participant in your success, no matter your goal. Nothing you do should be left to chance. You do this by setting a goal from the outset, attaching your desire to it, and believing with your heart and soul that you will accomplish what you set out to do regardless of the challenges that lie in your way. With this belief firmly entrenched as you begin your quest, doubts will recede, problems will become non-issues, and you take every step necessary to arrive at the top. Reaching the top of these two steep climbs becomes a metaphor for taking personal responsibility in making all things in your life–good things like your goals and dreams–happen.

You know what we call this? We call it intention!

I’ve been working on this Master Class for you for a very long time. I’ve worked it and reworked it. I didn’t want it to become a clich√© ride, and I believe I’ve accomplished that. It’s similar to the Master Class How Big is Your Why, but it inspires your students to reach their goals in a little different way, without analyzing in minute detail their deepest reasons for wanting something (although you do ask them to consider that). Like How Big is Your Why, and many other mental focus profiles, the lessons learned in this profile are metaphors for the bigger challenges we face in our lives.

I have a lot of coaching suggestions in this profile, but instead of memorizing my words, read it over and over until you believe the concept with your heart and soul, then let your own authentic version come out as you teach it.

The songs are very specially chosen to match the message in this profile, but you may have some special songs of your own that strike at your heart strings when you think about your own desires.

Please share with me your feedback on this ride, and if you use any other special songs, please share those as well.



  1. Moritz, thank you for pointing this out. Hmmm, I thought it downloaded as individual mp3s, thought that was how I got the song (but I’ve gotten so many songs from so many sources I can’t remember). Big bummer. I’ll look into it.
    It’s such an amazing song for this, but I may have to find another one to use.

  2. is pretty difficult to get, the source you specify goes for a gapless compilation of 27 tracks in a single MP3 file from where one would need to cut out the correct section …

  3. This looks like a great ride, Jennifer! I did your “How big is your why last year” and it turned out so good. I was wondering how I was going to live up to that one again. I might just save this one for the New Year, unless you have something else up your sleeve?

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