Audio Master Class: Tom Scotto presents the Mount Washington Hill Climb

The Mount Washington hill climb is known as one of the toughest climbs in the world, and Tom Scotto has not only suffered through it, but he brings it to you as an audio Master Class so you can take your students up this monster climb! Listening to Tom talk, you actually feel like you’re there on the mountainside being blown by the wind, and his wonderful cues and descriptions lend themselves perfectly to an indoor ride. 

This class is presented as a 90-minute ride, but Tom also gives suggestions on how to shorten it to 60 minutes.
Get ready to ride hard!

As usual, please let me know how you enjoyed this and if you have any questions or comments about teaching it.


  1. Hi,

    I used it last thursday (October 31), I’ve added wind sound effects at places corresponding to your cues and also crowd cheering sound effects at the end. The feedback I got was amazing, they are still talking about it.

    Now they want to know who is Tom Scotto ?

    My answer: I do not know him personally, but i would say that he is one of the great Indoor Cycling Instructor I can refer to.

    Thanks again for that great profile and the cues.


  2. Nice one. I’m guessing that it’s important to cue the class to not drop below the BPM of the song?

  3. Thanks for this great profile, Tom! I just used it this morning with my cyclists, and they loved it! It was truly a grueling class, though, so most of them loved it more – afterward. We’ve had a Tom Scotto theme going on in my class for the past three weeks – We did Taste of the Tour, your 3 minute max hills, and now this. The next time I tell them we are doing a Tom Scotto ride, they will know that they are in for a treat!

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