Coaching Resistance, Part 3: Creative cueing

Tired of saying “turn it up” or “add more resistance” all the time? Liven up your coaching for resistance increases with these cues. The best way to cue resistance is to teach your students about the relationship between cadence, resistance, and their effect on intensity. You use the equation C X R = I, give them the C and the I (the cadence, or cadence range that you desire for this segment, and the resulting intensity or the perceived exertion), and then you inspire them to find the resistance that allows them to fulfill the equation.

Following are a variety of cues for various situations that will help your students understand how much resistance to add in order to ride the “road” you are describing.

Do not use the word “tension” when referring to resistance. It can be gears, road, the hill, wind, mud, sand, gravity, strain on the leg muscles, etc., but not tension. Tension is something you want to get rid of; resistance is what we use to get fitter and stronger. Tension is bad, resistance is good!

Cues for resistance in general, and using the C X R = I equation


  1. I just went back and reviewed this 3-part series and I’m so glad I did! Was getting into a bit of a cueing rut, and I think now I’m cured. Thanks Jennifer!! 🙂

  2. I looooooove this.

    Thanks Jorg, you rock.


  3. Glad to know that I have some of the right language but you have given me more for my tool box. You never disappoint, Jennifer!

  4. You go and give me a bunch more cues I’ve forgotten about, or never thought of! Thanks! 🙂

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