Communicating to Students Via a Newsletter

Here on ICA we’ve discussed creative ways of connecting to students via Facebook or by creating your own free website. Another way to stay connected and communicate on a more personal level with your students is by creating a regular newsletter. Today I am bringing you two examples of instructors who have taken this step with excellent success.

The first is Bill Roach, an instructor from Iowa who has created one of the best newsletters that I’ve seen. I’ve known Bill for several years through my various blogs and websites. During that time I was on his newsletter mailing list and I was always impressed with not only the wide variety of information he shared with his students, but also his excellent writing style and the diplomatic way he dealt with techniques that are contraindicated, but that might be taught by other instructors at his facility. Bill never ever puts down another instructor for teaching something he chooses not to teach. Instead, he just gives the biomechanical, exercise science and common sense reasons for not performing a certain move and explains why he doesn’t do them in his class, giving his students the choice to decide not to do them in other classes.

Every one of his newsletters offers training advice, both cycling related and general fitness. You will see that he cracks jokes too!

While in Iowa recently for a weekend of workshops at the YMCA in Des Moines where Bill works, I interviewed him on video about his newsletters. (You can watch that video below). Bill is also providing you with a pdf of tips on why you should consider sending out a newsletter, where to get your content, and how to deliver it.


  1. Thanks for giving me a lot of ideas. I am also a NASM CPT and am looking for great ways to communicate with all my students. Plus and this is a BIG plus…..I was born and raise in Iowa and always feel a connection with anyone from home. When I saw Jennifer was going to Des Moines, I tried really hard to come up with a good excuse to get back.

  2. Hi Colleen, I fixed it. Thanks for pointing that bad link out.

  3. link to Kelly Szymczyk’s .pdf isn’t opening for me. get a page not found message.

  4. Thanks Bill and Jennifer,
    I’ve been using a personalized FB page for cycling to communicate with my students and although a step in the right direction it is still somewhat limiting in that so many people (those 55+) don’t use FB for a variety of reasons.
    I’ve been a reader and learner of and through Bill’s newsletters although not a student of his. I am hoping in the future to start a newsletter too.
    Thanks Bill, i absolutely love your tip for using your business card to write bike settings on the one side.
    Thanks for sharing.

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