Connecting with students through Facebook

In my article on “What is Soul Cycle Doing Right”, I discussed how they use promotion and PR to create a buzz, so that people want to be a part of what they are offering. I challenged you the instructor, and the studio owner, to think outside the box for unique ways to attract more students to your classes. One of those ways is to create community, a place that people want to be a part of. I promised to bring to you examples of instructors who have been successful at doing just that. In this first edition of this series on connecting with students, I interviewed an instructor who has found a unique way to inspire his students through Facebook.

Rene Gomez is an instructor at two Lifetime Fitness Clubs in San Antonio, TX. Rene was a member of my previous website, and is now an ICA member, and we’ve been “friends” on Facebook for awhile. After this interview, I think I can call him my “real friend” now! 😉 

Rene’s Facebook posts are a regular part of my own Facebook feed, and every time I read them, I even want to come to his classes! He has a special way of motivating his students on his posts, both before his classes to inspire them to come, and after his classes to tell them how great they did.

Listen to this interview with Rene on how he first started posting about his classes on FB, and how he encouraged everyone to sign up as his “friend”. In the interview, I read a couple of his posts; a few examples are posted below. He also discusses a few other techniques he uses to engage his students and make them feel at home – like learning and USING their names in class! Rene understands how great it makes people feel to hear their own name.


  1. Moritz – that’s an interesting question I hadn’t thought about. I would select brand/product, because YOU are your own Brand and your product is your class! On the other hand, you are creating “community” so that would work too!

  2. Any recommendation on the FB “page type” best to be used ? None of the 6 options (local business/place, company/organzation, brand/product, artist, entertainment, cuase/community) seam really to fully fit.

  3. This is something I have been thnking about for some time. I will bring it up with my supervisor today!

  4. Great, Rene! I would post about my classes on FB, but Rene’s posts are just phenom! Amazing!

    So many of us can definitely take some of what he says (and does) and help spread the passion! 🙂

  5. Excited about this idea too–I especially appreciate the info on creating a separate FB “page.” 🙂

  6. I cannot wait to get started.

  7. wow. so wonderful to hear about what other instructors are doing and willing to share. I will be working on adopting this new challenge for 2012. Thanks Rene for the example to follow and Jennifer for providing the us the opportunity to meet Rene and help us to be better instructors.

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