When Creative Cueing Fails: Reaching Your Auditory Learners

When I am taking a class, it kills me to hear the same cue over and over and over again. If you have ever been in a class in which the instructor only knows how to say “Turn it up” to tell you to add resistance, you know how uncreative and boring that can be. Constant repetition can soon lose its impact on many riders. I’ve always sought to employ different ways to say the same thing, and to teach instructors a wide variety of cueing options to put in their bag of tricks. It helps you as a coach to acknowledge the various learning styles of your students.

However, there are people who do in fact prefer repetition and who do not register the more creative ways of cueing. And while I still believe creativity and variety in cueing is so important to being a rockstar instructor, a few years ago I had a little taste of humble pie in a new class with a new student. It got me thinking about how I do say things and whether I am reaching everyone or not.

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  1. Nice reminder that not everyone processes things the same way, and not everyone is familiar with your “jargon”. Thanks!

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