Creative short songs and themes for HIT intervals and recovery

Here are 14 creative ideas for music themes for your HIT profiles plus my own playlist of over 520 shorter HIT songs to use for both the high-intensity interval and/or the recovery in between the intervals. Please add some of your own short song suggestions in the comments section! When putting together your playlists for your HIT sessions, you may want to have all your shorter songs in one large playlist to choose from. I have a playlist with songs that are shorter than 4 minutes, some as short as a minute. Originally I started the playlist out with only songs of 3-1/2 min or less, then gradually slightly longer songs made their way into the list. When I need a short song for either the energetic high-intensity segment or 2–3 minutes or for a short recovery between longer intervals (such as threshold or VO2 Max intervals), I’ll dig into this playlist.


  1. I would love to get together with other Class Builder users to share ideas and learn how to maximize the technology. The folks at Cycling Fusion and the app developer think that it a great idea. Reaching out to users is the challenge. If you are interested please go to Cycling Fusion’s facebook page and post a comment. Thanks! Jenny B.

  2. Thanks for clarifying that…it looked so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Loved it the first time and it is even better a second time around.

  3. Loving your HUGE list of recovery songs– this oughta keep me busy for awhile!!

  4. Jennifer, thanks for starting this conversation! I’m enjoying reading through your song list, as well as picking up all these awesome ideas from other instructors. This is great.

    (And, I’m digging out the “through the Doors” profile this weekend–good reminder to do that one again!!)

  5. Trigirlks – tv songs – great idea! That makes me think of other cheesy songs from TV singers, such as David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, the Monkees (although I love the Monkees, many would say they’re cheesy!)

    With Dick Clark just passing I thought of all the bands he introduced in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. You could have a field day with those.

    Marti, sorry about that. I usually try to write it at least once when I put abbreviations, but I guess I didn’t. HIT is High Intensity Training. Sometimes you’ll see HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. HIT is all the rage right now in the fitness world (cyclists and runners have been doing it for years! What took them so long?!) and those letters have become the acronym for a lot of current workout programs like HIT Hard.

  6. I’ve used TV theme songs from the 70’s and 80’s for recovery. It’s fun as my students try to guess the show it is from. Most theme songs are only around a minute though, so they will be short recoveries.

  7. Jennifer. May be a brain freeze but what does HIT stand for. I love your site worth every penny! My classes have really stepped up a notch since joining.

  8. Thank you for sharing Jennifer 🙂

    I created one playlist, in a rush, which contains only 2 artists’ songs for one interval profile. Everyone loved it because it was simple to follow, some even asked for the song names.

    – E.S Posthumus’ for the work efforts
    – Jesse Cook’s for the recoveries


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