Cueing ideas for the Tour de France and other race simulations

Here are 48 inspirational cues for your Tour de France stages to motivate your riders to give just a little more. This is for ALL ICA members, not just the ones who purchased the TDF package! I also want to share some of the great feedback I’ve received about the ICA Tour de France program.The ICA Tour de France program has been an incredible success. First I’d like to share with you some of the great feedback I’ve been getting about the package, then I want to share with you a whole bunch of cues to help you teach your Tour de France classes, whether you purchased the ICA program or not. They will add authenticity and empowerment to your delivery!

Here are some Facebook comments I’ve received from instructors who have been using the ICA Tour de France profiles:

From Karen B on my wall: Jennifer, we have done 3 stages this week at my facility! Amazing! So happy I bought the TDF studio package!

From Leslie M on her Facebook page: Tonight at 6:30pm and tomorrow at 6am we will be re-living Stage 3 of the Tour de France. We did this ride in the 8am Sat morning class and I believe it is my all-time favorite class, so we are doing it again. See you there.

Comments on Leslie’s Post: (From Kathy E) I concur. I’ve taught it 4 times already. With our on-demand, it invites goosebumps!  (From Mary) Leslie, so glad you turned me on to Jennifer Sage – I’m planning on doing this ride in the fall with my class. Just have to plan it!

If you are on the fence about the TDF package, you can’t go wrong. Even if you’ve taught stages in the past, you will absolutely get new ideas. Such as Elizabeth:

I have taught a TDF stage simulation for a few years in my spinning classes. But this year I will be able to take it to a new level. This is an excellent TDF package from ICA. There is so much information and so many ideas packed in there for a very modest price. Jennifer, you are a treasure! My spinning classes are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the TDF stage simulations. THANK YOU! warm regards, Liz

Or from Jade:

Just purchased Your TDF! So super excited to swallow every word, every profile, and every tip you have to offer to help me deliver the race to its full potential. This is the most exciting time of year for cyclists. We work hard to create intelligent profiles every class. I need the expertise to deliver not just a profile, not just HR training, not just scenery, but the full impact of the love of cycling, the love of pushing past the demand, knowing when and why, how and where. Jennifer, when I open your TDF package I know everyone in the room will understand the demand of jumping out of the pack, surrendering to the speed of the peloton, dodging wheels, closing gaps as they brush past fields of lavender. I trust anything I purchase with your name on it is above and beyond extraordinary. Everything you do, you deliver it from your heart. That’s how you keep it real for all of us!

There are few things I am as passionate about as the following two things: inspiring instructors to be better coaches and the Tour de France! Combining the two of them brings me great joy–how can you beat that?

With that said, I want to inspire anyone who is teaching TDF stages, whether you purchased the package or not. The following are some empowering cues to use throughout your race simulations or any profile that requires effort and determination. Some of these are for the start of the race, some for the very end, some for time trials, some for attacks, some for concerted climbing efforts, and some are just general motivation. Have fun with them!


  1. I found the way Bryon guided the ride into the 8minute TT, brilliant and very effective. The success of this ride truly depends on the correct “warm up”. Great job by Bryon to put the focus as he did on the body of the ride!

  2. GReat comment Chuck, appreciate it. That profile really does help people see that the work isn’t always just there on the course!

  3. All stage profiles are superb but Bryon Blacks prologue profile exemplifies the sort of preparation TDF riders subject themselves to to perform their best.

    My riders loved hearing what TDF contenders will do to ride flat out for under eight minutes. Moreover at the end of a one hour class I asked how many thought that was a hard work out? They all raised their hands. When I told them they were at very hard efforts for 19 minutes they were surprised.

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