A Different Twist on a Turkey-Themed Profile!

ICA member Bill Jenks sent me this very interesting profile. It’s a “story ride,” with a moral, kind of a cross between Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Wizard of Oz. Take your students on a journey to meet Tom the turkey, who dreams about soaring with the eagles and flying off to some wonderful place where he can be happy. All of the music is aligned with the message, including many great songs on “flying”!

Bill told me that the profile has its own little story about where the inspiration came from.

I only thought of the ride last Thursday when one of my riders asked me what I had planned for the Thanksgiving ride (Thanksgiving Day at 9:30 am). I had planned to offer the “Through The Woods” ride. I told him he would have to wait until Thanksgiving and be surprised. He groaned a bit and I made the comment that I would be happy to share the details with him on Thanksgiving morning or when turkeys fly if that should happen first. It stuck with me for the day and I started working on the ride Friday evening after work and finished it up on Saturday. It is strange where inspiration comes from!
So, now you know that turkeys can fly and where they fly to!
Thank you, Bill Jenks, for a creative, fun ride!


  1. I just found a great song to play after class as people are packing up their gear: “Flying Without Wings” by Westlife. It goes so well with the story!

  2. I couldn’t find the play list either, but it was easy to recreate. Bill, this is AMAZING!!! I already had a ride planned, but I am changing to this. My class is going to LOVE IT. The music is fantastic, and the story is so creative. Thank you so much for sharing this gem with us.

  3. I am looking for the play list on Spotify- under Bill Jenks- and can’t find it.

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