Express Profile: Riding the Storm Out

We have an April Showers–themed bucket playlist and profile in our archives that we repost every year. The profile, by Karen Cruz, is a fun ride with a rain theme. You can find that profile here.

I’ve got an updated profile and bucket playlist for you. I’ve been doing a storm-themed ride for years, often changing out the songs and the story. For the first time, I have put it into an Express Profile for ICA, which you can download below. I have also been curating a separate bucket playlist with songs not just about rain or April showers, but about storms, lightning, thunder, and rainbows; it currently has about 250 songs. This makes it a “one-stop shop” for your storm-themed ride! 

My profile is called “Riding the Storm Out,” and yes, I use the song “Ridin’ the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon. That phrase normally means to “ride out” the storm by taking shelter indoors, but for us, it means braving the impending storm and riding right through it. The profile is predominantly a climbing ride but has a few fast flats through the rain to take you to the base of the next climb.

Let me know how you enjoyed the ride and if you have any more songs to add to my bucket playlist.

Riding the Storm Out Express Profile (PDF and Excel)




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