Masterclass: The Importance of Recovery Within a Training Session (Part 1)

If you were unable to attend my Facebook Live session in person on the Importance of Recovery Within a Training Session, you can watch the video in full below. I’ve also included a convenient eight-page handbook for you to download. 

In this lecture, I discuss why sufficient recovery at the right intensity is so important in your high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. As you know, there are many riders who don’t think they need to recover and falsely believe it means they are “cheating” or that the instructor is too “easy.” Too many of them think, “We don’t need no stinking recoveries!” 

How do you counter that mindset? How do you educate your riders so that they not only understand the importance of recovery, but they relish it? What intensity should your recovery be at? Is it always that way, or are there exceptions? How do you keep riders engaged during recoveries so they don’t get distracted or bored?

All these topics and more are covered during this informational video. 

I referred back to my Facebook Live session on RPE. You can find that video here

In the video, I refer to the profile The Tour of the Training Zones. I hope you’ve had a chance to lead that profile—whether you have power or not. More than almost any other profile you’ll ever teach, this one will help you and your riders fully understand the importance of recovery in order to hit targeted output.


  1. Thank you so much for this guide. I recently had a participant tell me I gave TOO MUCH recovery. He was busy pedaling backwards and doing isolations while we were going breathless in our intervals. I may have mentioned NOT to do either of those several times. I so appreciate the knowledge you put out there as well as the help with how to deliver it.

    1. Great stuff as usual Jen. I have several outside riders who do my power classes and initially they were “on the fence” about spending time recovering after hard segments. We use the Heart Zones PE app that displays their power and heart rate on a group display and they can see and compare their power output for each set. During the recovery phase I display a 60 & 120 second timed heart rate recovery they can also see. After seeing both of these metrics the majority of these riders have come to appreciate the incredible and essential benefits of recovery.

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