Four New Year’s Profiles From the Archives

ICA members will probably know by now that I LOVE motivating my riders to reflect on their goals for the year, and to help instill in them ways to commit to success. We all know what happens to the the typical “New Year’s Resolution”…most people give up on it after a few weeks or months. But we can help our riders create and commit to reasonable, relevant, and attainable goals. 

Being an indoor cycling instructor has so many benefits, including the fact that through your choice of profiles and accompanying songs and the coaching that goes along with them, you have an opportunity to inspire your students to go after the best year of their lives. These four profiles will help you do just that!

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  1. Those are all great profiles!!!! Thanks Jennifer and the gang at ICA! You guys rock!!! This year, I have to stay more connected to the wealth of knowledge from this community!!! Ride on! Happy New Year!!! 2015, fun, easy and Joy!

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