Free Legal Electronic Music

Way back when ICA first launched (May 2011), I first told ICA members about the music website Ektoplazm. The music is available as free downloads, using the Creative Commons License. Read this post that explains the Creative Commons License and describes the numerous different sub-genres of electronic music including trance, psy-tran, downtempo, goa, techno, progressive, and more.

There is so much music on that site, I admit it can be pretty overwhelming to go through it. I love it when someone shares with me some great songs they find there (thank you to several ICA members who send me tips for groups on Ektoplazm). Since I really like downtempo music for my cycling classes, especially for cadences in the 85–100 rpm range (which at times is challenging to find in other genres, especially if you want a more mind-body focus), I usually just do a search in Ektoplasm under that category of music. But sometimes it’s hit or miss, as downtempo can also be a little too spacey.

Then last week I discovered a new (well, new to me) Internet radio station called

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