Wednesday Timeless Classics: Two Songs That Elevate Your Ride to a Spiritual Experience

Artist: Cirque du Soleil
Song: Kumbalawé (Roger Sanchez Release Mix)
Album: Solarium/Delerium 
Length: 7:51
Genre: electronic, world
BPM: 127
Category: climb
Available: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon

Artist: Cirque de Soleil
Song: Spiritual Spiral (Carmen Rizzo Remix)
Album: Solarium/Delerium 
Length: 6:44
Genre: electronic, world
BPM: 130
Category: climb
Available: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon

Introducing Cirque du Soleil’s Solarium/Delerium album, a double CD that is a treasure trove for indoor cycling classes. Disc 1 contains more of a tranquil ambiance for cool-downs, while disc 2 offers a reservoir of electronic energy, perfect for the active (mostly climbing) segments of your cycling classes.

Years ago, I frequently played two songs from disc 2, often one right after the other for a long climb. Somehow, these two songs fell out of use, possibly when I transitioned to using Spotify about 10 years ago. I’m so thrilled to rediscover these forgotten tracks—I unearthed them while searching through my past music in my iTunes library for a Wednesday Timeless Classic post and am delighted to discover they are available on Spotify and Apple Music. 

The first gem, the Roger Sanchez remix of “Kumbalawé,” is a masterpiece of rhythm and focus with hypnotic drumbeats and vocals.

The second jewel on this CD, “Spiritual Spiral,” will envelope your riders in an ethereal sonic landscape, driven by tribal drums. I’m not exaggerating when I suggest it will elevate your climb to an immersive spiritual experience (at least for me!). It’s just a few bpm faster than the first track; even if you don’t touch the resistance, your intensity will increase in the second half of this long climb by a small amount—just enough to notice.

When these two tracks are seamlessly woven together, an epic 15-minute climb emerges. You can choose to guide your class by throwing in a standing switchback every few minutes. Or, invite your riders to propel themselves into a self-guided trance-like ascent, close their eyes, immerse themselves in the rhythm, and let the climb cast a spell that captivates the senses. 

It’s more than a climb; it’s a transformative journey through sound, rhythm, and the classic indoor cycling experience. Johnny G would be proud! 

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Kumbalawé (Roger Sanchez Release Mix), Cirque du Soleil, 7:51, 127 bpm
Spiritual Spiral (Carmen Rizzo Remix), Cirque du Soleil, 6:44, 130 bpm

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  1. You can find this album on eMusic too, and many more…Love them!

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