Group Performance Displays…Would You Consider It?

It started with the Flywheel Sports’ Torqboard™, in which riders are able to view and keep track of their power output and race each other during their classes. To do so, Flywheel Sports created its own proprietary technology. Shortly after that, the guys at Performance IQ™ started offering group performance display technology (all wireless this time) that integrates with all bike brands.

An exciting new technology product for indoor cycling studios was born!

I experienced the Performance IQ system in action when I visited the Breakaway Cycle and Strength studio in Longmont, Colorado last fall. You can read about this club here, and find out how they engage their students with the system.

How are studios and instructors using group performance displays to increase engagement and ultimately, attendance? Here are some ways:

  • Programming varietyCycleBeat London
    • With performance metrics, studios like Full Psycle in Orange County have created classes specifically designed to use power and energy metrics. They have a “Power Hour” class in which the riders’ only goal is to accumulate as much energy as possible (as measured by kjoules and kjs/lb). With Performance IQ’s team racing screen, studios such as Cyclebeat in London holds “Race Nights.” Tom and I got to visit Cyclebeat in London last November and spoke with Garrett Turner (photo at right), who showed us how they successfully used the system in their downtown London studio. A downtown metropolitan studio is a specific animal, with fickle students desiring a fabulous workout as quick as possible. The Performance IQ system helps keep them loyal!
  • Marketing
    • Performance metrics can also be used as a marketing tool. Studios are using metrics to challenge riders and classes to reach their goals. Metrics give studios another reason to reach out to its members by highlighting individual performances and praising them. And don’t forget the power of social media…encouraging riders to brag about their results, while promoting your brand via social media is free publicity you can’t beat!
  • Increased member interaction
    • By and large, when most classes are over, riders tend to hurry out of the studio. With group display metrics, there is more interaction amongst the members following a class. The competitive fun comes out, and you’ll hear things like “great job” or “I was just trying to keep up with you.” Studies have shown that people are 50% more likely to come back to your studio if they have a conversation, even a short one, with someone in class

Performance IQ RPM Power mode

  • Coaching opportunities
    • As instructors, these group displays give us a chance to see how each rider is doing without taking a close peek at their bike computer. With that information, coaches can individualize instructions for each rider. Coaches learn much more about their students’ abilities and goals, and when appropriate, can target their motivational cueing to inspire certain riders to push harder, or to congratulate a rider for sustaining an effort that previously they were unable to do.
  • Barrier to members leaving your studio and switching to another
    • In addition to real time group display, Performance IQ studios offer data tracking, allowing riders to track their performance online. In fitness business where membership retention is an important key to success, networked features like data tracking make it tougher for riders to switch studios. They are going to be more likely to commit to one studio where they’ve met with and connected with friends and the instructor, and where their metrics have been tracked and stored.

GREAT discounts on Performance IQ systems available to ICA readers and members

As more and more studios recognize the importance of adding technology to attract and retain riders, it seems to me that group performance display and data tracking is here to stay and will keep getting better. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find Performance IQ™ at IHRSA. Also, we are so grateful that Performance IQ™ has agreed to offer ICA readers a $250 discount on the purchase of a system. Better yet, a $500 discount for Performance IQ if you’re an ICA member! That’s a huge benefit (so if your studio is thinking of adding this kind of technology, make sure you join ICA first!)   Non-members use the promotion code “PIQ-ICA2014”, and if you’re a member, click here to access your promotion code for double the discount!



  1. Socialization and Gamification are two keys to delivering long-term results through the use of fitness technology.

    I think Performance IQ is a great system and highly recommend it, or similar FitTech, to any indoor cycling studio.


  2. I wonder, Jennifer, what Gino would say about the competitions held using these products when one considers his attempt at leveling the playing field by handicapping the bikes with calculated power.

    All of the great upsides to the technology tend to loose their luster when riders figure out the bikes are different not only bike to bike, but day to day.

  3. I coach at Sydneys Premier Cycle studio – Pelotone where we use the Iqniter cardio training system powered by Suunto. The burn board metrics take coaching to a whole new level! I love the ability to write and build my own class with this software and also class participants love receiving little messages from you after you review their rides. Sports teams and coaches love it too as they have the ability to review the teams metrics in one report!

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