Halloween Murder Mystery Profile

Your riders are in for the treat of a lifetime! Leslie Mueller created a murder mystery that she led (performed?) for her class last year, and she has shared the step-by-step process so you can do the same. This may become one of your most popular and requested classes, and one in which you can seek publicity from your local media as well. Also remember, while this is great for Halloween, murder mysteries can be done any time of the year.

It takes a little more preparation than a typical theme ride as you’ll need to come up with some personalized stories about your riders (for suspects, motives, murder weapons, and songs) but we have laid it out in a document and with additional links to make it as easy as possible.

In this post you will find:

  • A primer on the required elements of a murder mystery.
  • A song-by-song, step-by-step profile that Leslie taught to her class with ride cues, humorous quotes, and PowerPoint slides for each suspect and motive.
  • Tips on how to personalize the murder mystery to your own class and the personalities of your riders.
  • Three playlists—the one Leslie used for her class (which you may need to modify), one filled with over 120 additional fun song ideas to describe different murder suspects, weapons, and motives, and one with sound effects that we curated to make your playlist more interesting.
  • A PowerPoint template you can personalize with your own logo and story.
  • Tips on creating the best zombie costume. As the “victim” of your murder, it’s helpful—but not required—if the instructor dresses up as a zombie. 
  • Links for additional tips on directing successful murder mysteries.


  1. This class was so much fun. I couldn’t use the slide show but having the props at the crime scene worked just fine. My class loved being singled out and they were all good sports about it.

  2. I tried this out at my club in the UK – very hard work to teach but great fun and very memorable! I got my husband to run in at the end and be the murderer – hilarious!

  3. This is amazing and the product of a lot of work.

  4. I am so looking forward to creating this class. Mine will have to be on the Sunday morning after Halloween but the regulars will love it, Thank you x

    1. Please take pics/videos and share them with us! Also, if you come up with any different weapons or motives, too.

      Have fun!

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