Halloween Profile: Ride For Your Lives!

This particular ride is written to be performed as much as it is to be coached. The instructor takes the position as a guide on a Haunted Bike Tour past a graveyard, through Halloween Town, into the woods, past a second graveyard, and concludes with a steep ascent to Dracula’s castle. The more theatrical—the better! Might I suggest ridiculous glasses or a witch/mad hatter hat…and a fog machine?


  1. such great profiles- my class loved this! The Truth and Consequences was a blast as well!

  2. I did this ride twice…the first time only 2 people showed for class. One knew she was coming back this week and liked it so much she requested an encore. So I did it again today, this time with 3 riders. They all said they loved it. It was easy to follow and cue…we had a great time!

  3. OK! Just did the Ride for Your Life Ride, and people LOVED it! They loved the cueing, music. I made the ride a full 60 minutes of active riding (1:10 with cool down, etc.). We usually ride for 50 active mins on Saturday. When I asked if anyone felt the extra 10 mins, they all said they were so immersed in the music and ride they FORGOT! Thank you so much!!!!!

    Also, Jennifer, my subscription expires tomorrow. I tried to renew and got a warning to not give any credit card info on the site. I was directed to a You Tube on how to fix the problem with the site! Yikes. Anyways I want to re-up, so let me know if I should just ignore the warning!

    1. Our site is fully secured and in compliance, there should be no problem with credit cards. But, I’ll have my assistant John contact you to figure out why that happened.

      Glad you enjoyed this profile!

  4. Thank you! I love this ride and am excited to practice ride it all week in prep for my Saturday performance!

  5. Thanks Mia! The ride looks awesome and I can’t wait to “perform” it for my riders.

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