Holiday Songs

563 Christmas and Holiday Songs for your indoor cycling classes! We’ve put them into a sortable spreadsheet with categories for each one, making it much easier to select the kind of song you are looking for. I am grateful for my assistant Matt who took my 100 or so Christmas songs in my playlist, then did some more research on the forums as well as on iTunes and Spotify, to not only come up with an extensive Holiday Song list, but put them into a sortable spreadsheet!

There are 563 songs in this list. True, that’s a lot to go through, but if you prefer not to peruse over 500 songs, I’ll follow up this post with a couple of Holiday rides and playlists that I’ve used the past few years, along with a handful of my own proven (IMO) holiday songs. I’ll post that in a few days, as I get my own holiday ride prepared. I tend to select more secular songs for my classes, but occasionally I might include a medly or mashup that might contain a traditional religious song. This happens sometimes in some of the very fun and energetic Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs.

If you have more songs that would make a great addition to this list, please leave them in the comments area below.

Happy Holidays!


  1. “Fairy Tale of New York” , The Pogues

  2. I think it was because it was the newer version of Excel. I reposted it both as an .xls as well as a .pdf (except that you can’t search on the pdf).

    Lori, that is so strange. I thought a pdf was openable (is that a real word? It is now!) on all computers, and that it shouldn’t make a difference what operating system. Do you have a Mac or a PC? Is it all the pdfs? Can you open this one? Let me know and I’ll have Brian find out why. I want everyone to be able to open all the pdfs!

  3. This is the second song list I couldn’t open. The last one was Thankgiving song list, I think?
    Please re-post the list with different format if possible. (PDF file works for me)
    Thank you Jennifer, and Matt.

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